To no surprise: ...Online shopping has become more popular, again!

But: Who we are?! ...and to be honest: “YouAre” as well!
Well: ...Extremely happy off-course with the high-quality products you really like, and want NOW!

Simply and just only choose Top products:

Finest materials
Trendy models
All luxury brands
New, used (also: Outlet) and Vintage!

ABOUT US & YouAre as well!

We are aiming for a fair marketplace! We are solely distributing, and are not a shop (...Nine out of Ten), nor do we compete with shops. We are “partners” for the shops.

Just like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba now represent the leading companies in the global e-commerce sector. YouAre.MARKET/.ORG ( in other geographical area’s); YouAre.EU ( Europe); YouAre.ORG.UK ...and specifically started in/and as: YouAre.BE & YouAre.NL is (going to be) The Next 'Big Thing'!

Your local sales point/shop + Your DIRECT advantage: Best Price Guarantee program by Package Forwarding services; Sale import; Very affordable & Searaft Factory garantee.

Shopping & shipping Services ...We bring our Omni-Channel specialilities for advertising and combined shipments around the globe (...most of the time and specifically by so called & known "Package Forwarding Services" in particular with Factory garantees) combined with specific and programs national, and internationally as well. All of us being passionate about; both the community spirit that seems to be growing in The Netherlands, Belgium and also across Europe amongst others and already worldwide as that unique sense of personal development, achievement and progression you get when using superior quality products and training props- and sets amongst others.

We move the world around, not necessaraly selling but shipping the goods from door to door instead! Your advantage: No price skiimming, and fair trade around the world! A new method, meaning: "The World Up Closer"! ...Plus some more about our double wall fabric and materials, officially called and named: Double Wall Drop Stitch Material (DWF) with PVC tarpaulin cover (Reinforce Stitches);

Any sizes and in any dimension(s): 10, 15 or 20 cm thick DWF e.g. (also in: White, on demand), with it's specific PVC tarpaulin cover ( the Reinforce Stitches);

Your source: The real Factory of Searafts with over 20 years of experience!

No one looses!

    No one looses, it's all about creating an efficient distribution chain* in the first place!

*) This includes the optimization of supply, even distribution (incl. our own USPS .nl/.eu logistics) and marketing channels to be a very successful method and to use new (mobile-) technology (OUR seamlessly integrated web-shops & marketplaces) plus sales channels efficiently.


    A seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels...

 ...Let us explain how exactly: ...By amongst others locally; World Wide/Int. etc. Just like: ...


You-Are: “Second To None”

“You — Second To None”

YouAre(.nl) first:

...nobody is better than you!

..."Nobody has more strength of character than you.", in: YouAre in second place behind no-one -
   first place all the way!

Just because: "YouAre".nl

“ Deep in the skate culture! ”
 — — — — etc.

“ Bringing Sports To Life! ”
 — — Start: — — — ...

“ Sponsor — kickstart ”


...In other words, Omni-channel: Amongst others by our Global network in the sport; ...Being also the ideal partner in a number of regional networks: namely,, topturn(st),,, ...amongst others: part of any topsport(st)er (.NL) Start: jongtalenten (.nl) ... or specifically appointed and for the: skate(ste) for example!

So: Did you Notice?
But are you Aware!

IT, Marketing & Sales already became: “Omni-channel Logistics
YES: Omni-channel, the evolved variant of multichannel as the next ‘Big Thing’!

TRANSLATION (...for consumers):

You buy either “Directly” from:
 -  the Manufacturer/Factory;
 - Wholesale (departments);
 - Distribution-Centre (DC);
 - Retail DC/e-commerce DC;
 - or the: Store/Shop ...last in the traditional supply-chain!

Once again; ...and for you, “YouAre” in: The Cloud!

Let me explain in more detail; The World Up Closer!
Just an other example first: LP’s become CD’s! ...uh what?! = The Cloud!
The questions is: How artists really make money in the cloud – or don't!

2th intro: Humans are an ingenious species. Though we've been on the planet for a relatively short amount of time (Earth is 4.5 billion years old), modern Homo sapiens have dreamed up and created some amazing, sometimes far-out, things. From the moment someone bashed a rock on the ground to make the first sharp-edged tool, to the debut of the wheel to the development of Mars rovers and the Internet (...The Cloud), several key advancements stand out as particularly revolutionary.

In short: The hard work paid off, big time. Wheeled carts facilitated agriculture and “commerce” by enabling the transportation of goods to and from markets, as well as “easing the burdens of people traveling great distances”. Now, wheels* are vital to our way of life, found in everything from clocks to vehicles to turbines.

And what about Retail exactly?
...It simply became: “Omni-Channel Logistics” already!

NOTE: Over here, in The Netherlands ...we already lost Vroom and Dreesman (V&D), the biggest Dutch chain of department stores. Bankrupt. Simply too expensive! ...It’s time again for the SMALL SHOP OWNERS! Stores & Shops with an direct line to The Manufacturer and The (AirTrack- & Searaft) Factory.

Aiming for a fair marketplace. All together: “As One”!
Remember: Solely distributing, being partners.

*) Wheels, ...or even better: Distribution: by Ocean, Air and/or Land!
There are many different Producers/Manufacturers, mostly in other continents like e.g. the United States, and many European stores. Most stores import their product out of America. These orders can be relative small orders, the shipments costs are relatively high. And for a lot of different products there will be separate shipments. That means a lot of work and handling costs, on the Producers/Manufacturers side, but also on the side of the store.  There are no efficiencies in volume, in handling and no efficiencies in shipping costs.

We better be or become partners! Without adding a lot of costs there is always room in the box for other products. Wouldn't it be nice if shipments and storage of these products were centralised to save shipping costs and handling costs. And as the volume grows, prices can be more competitive.

NO ONE LOOSES ...just changing, and change is inevitable!
No one looses, it's all about creating an efficient distribution chain. being also: Second to None ...
Just like you: the customer, not only consumers but also the Store or Shop needs:
- Support in European time zone
- Cross advantages between different products. The combination of brands, and products of different Producers/Manufacturers in one shipment is more efficient, which leads to:
        *better prices, lower handling and lower shipment costs
        *makes it easier to reach the necessary volume to place an order. There is less critical volume per product needed
- Volume is accumulated throughout Europe. This leads to better prices from the Producer/Manufacturer
- Producer/Manufacturer can focus on producing, instead of shipping lots of relatively small orders to Europe, and internationally to other geographical areas which is time inefficient and therefore costly.
- Producer/Manufacturer had no insight in order flow, which can lead to inventory problems (out of stock). YouAre provides the Producer/Manufacturer much more transparency on order flows
- Quality of the product and branding is carefully maintained. Only authorised dealers are supported in the applicable warranties and product support.

Etc. etc. ...<read more> in the NL/Dutch laguage, by: + Headquarters; (Translated:; & ExportZ.COM in other languages.

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